Rent to Own


Tired of renting?  Why not rent to own.  We offer a program where you can rent your future home for a period of 1-3 years with as little as 2-5% option fee.  This option period gives you the opportunity to work to improve your credit score, build some down payment money, establish a record of timely monthly payments and get into your future home faster than with a traditional loan.  Call us today to be placed on our waiting list for the lease option program.  We serve the South Snohomish and North King county area.

How the lease option program works:

A lease option is a lease with the “option” or privilege to purchase the home within a specified time frame.

Why would you want to do a lease option?

If you are one of the many people who are finding it difficult if not impossible to qualify right now for a traditional home mortgage, perhaps your credit score has dropped due to some sort of misfortune recently such as a job loss, a medical problem, a bankruptcy, a divorce or any number of life issues, this is a great program for you.  With a lease with the option to purchase in say 12 – 18 months you have time to bring your credit score up, save a down payment, perhaps realize some equity in the home and be in a better position to qualify for a loan.

An example of how a lease option works:

You see a house you are interested in on our list of homes available for a lease option.  You drive by the house and want to see more.  You give us a call, we arrange to show you the inside of the home, you love it.  We take an application for the lease of the home and discuss the terms of a purchase.  In this example lets use a sales price of $250,000.  The lease term is 24 months.  The option fee is 4% ($10,000) and the monthly lease is $1500 with $100/mo credited each month towards the purchase of the home (with on time payments).  The 10,000.00 option fee gives you the right to purchase the home so you want to make certain that you want and can buy the home prior to making a commitment and signing the lease and option agreements.  In this example you would have 10,000.00 (option fee) and 2400.00 (monthly credits) a total of $12400.00 at the end of your option period to apply towards the purchase of the home.  During this same period you would have had the opportunity to improve any credit issues that were keeping you from qualifying for a loan.  In some instances, lenders will consider the payments you have made and be able to do a “refinance” loan instead of a purchase loan.  We recommend and require that you work with a mortgage professional knowledgeable on lease options before signing the lease.  They will be able to tell you exactly what is required for you to qualify for a new mortgage on the home.

Call us if you see something you are interested in or if you would like to be placed on our waiting list so we can contact you when something comes up that matches what you are looking for.

We look forward to helping you to become a homeowner soon.

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